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300 Plumbers Poured Into Flint, Michigan, To Install Water Filters For Free

Everyone wants to see the city of Flint swim rather than sink -- including plumbers.

More than 300 union plumbers from all over Michigan flooded Flint to install free filters for residents, this past weekend.

According to ABC12, not

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Contamination from Lead Solder Used on Household Water Pipes Can Be Toxic to Infants & Children, According to ACE DuraFlo Systems

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 8, 2004--The Fyfe family was ecstatic to be moving into their brand new house just before Christmas about five years ago - but the joy of their new home disappeared quickly when their son Brandon became seriously ill read more...

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Buying a home in 10 steps

March 24, 2017: 4:16 PM ET

A credit score is a number calculated from a formula created by Fair Isaac based on the information in your credit report. You have three different credit scores, one for each of your credit reports.

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Real Estate Transfers. - Free Online Library



$290,000, 42 Winding Cove Rd, 42 Winding Cove LLC, to

Bogardus-Walker, Joyce.


$365,000, 1875 Pleasant St, Huber, Janet M, and Huber, read more...